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Nicole Birkner


Founded NGO Youth in Motion

Nicole Birkner, 17, is currently a junior at Lincoln High School in Costa Rica. She is at the top of her class in the most challenging courses offered by her high school’s International Baccalaureate program, including high level Math, high level Economics and high level ITGS (Informational Technology in a Global Society) course.

In her freshman year, Nicole founded an NGO called Youth in Motion, which organizes extracurricular activities for children attending Guachipelín Public School who come from underprivileged homes. In her sophomore year, she founded Fresquiticos, a social business which creates natural, healthy, and non-artificial sodas, all in various Costa Rican flavors. Besides tackling important health issues, Fresquiticos helps underprivileged communities in Costa Rica by providing employment, as well as buying all of its fruit from local farmers.

Nicole recently participated in the Diamond Challenge for High School Entrepreneurs in the United States, and received seed funding ($6500) to launch her business. Besides entrepreneurship, she is very passionate about mathematics, and founded the first Math Honor Society in Costa Rica. She also founded the Central American Mathematics League, which offers math competitions within the Central American isthmus and strives to inspire individuals to pursue a career in mathematics.

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