The AAT Project

Raja Selvakumar

Age: 22

• CEO of uWater

• Graduated from MIT with Machelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree

Raja Selvakumar currently is a Masters student in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology earlier this year with he’s Machelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Recently, Raja have been involved with a few side projects. He created the marketing video for the MIT 2017 Energy Conference that received over 4000 views on Facebook and YouTube (See at here).

Raja is currently part of two design projects at Berkeley. The first project (aka uWater), his team of five is designing customizable flavored water cartridges to enhance one’s hydration experience. They are emulating the startup experience, so at uWater they have also created a business model and revenue plan. He is CEO of this company.

The second project involves designing a novel non-GMO filtration technique to remove off-flavors from legume protein. They are modelling the industrial process as it relates to the alternative protein market.

This past summer, Raja had the privilege of interning at PepsiCo in Barrington, IL. He was working in the Nutrition R&D department, specifically on the process engineering team.

Raja have been fortunate to be a speaker at the Chicago McDonald’s Education Expo (See at here). In addition, he has been listed as a co-inventor of the technology developed in his previous lab.

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