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Raja Selvakumar


Developed a Gastro Microbial Fuel Cell (GMFC) while in high school.

Raja Selvakumar is a junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is majoring in Chemical Engineering with immediate plans to attend graduate school. He also has interests in computer science and space technologies.

Raja is a finalist of the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search for his project during his high school career involved developing a Gastro Microbial Fuel Cell (GMFC) that uses stomach bacteria as a catalyst to generate electricity. The end goal of the project was to use this GMFC to power capsular nanorobots that currently have the potential to perform surgical procedures from inside the body. He was successfully able to develop this idea and had a net output voltage of 700 mV, which is half the voltage of a standard AA/AAA battery! All of this success was possible with commonly found materials that amounted to approximately $35.

Raja is currently an undergraduate researcher at the MIT Bazant Lab. Since his years working with the GMFC idea, Raja has also worked at the Shell Technology Center Bangalore (STCB) in the Fluid Flow Research Division, the Brushett lab to analyze redox-active compounds for their feasibility in flow cells, NASA to work on software architecture design, MIT's Space Systems Lab (SSL) to work on software development for the Halo Project, and the Yokogawa System Competency Lab (SCL) to learn about control system networking.

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