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Param Jaggi

Age: 18

Founded Ecoviate, a green-tech start-up that creates sustainable technologies

Param Jaggi is a student, inventor, and entrepreneur. From a young age, he was interested in physics, chemistry and biology. At 13, he experimented with bio-fuels to find a fuel that is dense enough to replace current fossil fuels. At 14, he designed an algae bio-reactor using household materials and invented a micro-scaled bio-reactor to fit into the exhaust of motor vehicles. This became known as the 'algae-based emissions system' and became the focal point of his research for the next few years. When Param was 15, he continued working on the micro-scaled bio-reactor and began to explore alternative sources of energy. At 17 he designed a device called "Algae Mobile" to reduce tailpipe and factory emissions. Through photosynthesis, algae in the tube convert CO2 into Oxygen.


At 18, Param founded Ecoviate, a green-tech start-up that creates sustainable technologies and empowers others to do the exact same. He is currently the Chief Environmental Officer of Ecoviate. He founded the company based on the particular needs that he saw in our existing environmental & energy systems. 1 tree is planted for every item sold or downloaded under the Ecoviate brand.

Param was an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair finalist, and has been featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 in 2011 and 2012.

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