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Harry McCann

Age: 20

Tech Entrepreneur. Founder and Director of Digital Youth Council of Ireland.

Harry is a passionate, confident and determined individual who has demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess, strong communication skills and initiative from an early age. At the age of 15 during his State Exams, Harry set up his first business 'Kid Tech'. He set up Kid Tech with the aim to "Teach the next generation Tech". He has done so by writing unique courses to teach kids everything from coding to graphic design. In one year Harry managed to teach over 1,000 kids to code. He received the backing and support of Irish entrepreneur, Norah Casey, Blackberry, Viddyad, and British Actor, Stephen Fry.

In June of 2014 after the Excited Conference in Dublin Castle Harry McCann decided that young people didn't have a voice in STEM in Ireland, and this simply wasn't good enough, so he set up the first Digital Youth Council in the World. He set up the Digital Youth Council along with the help of the Excited the digital learning movement. Harry holds the position of Director of the Digital Youth Council, and he manages the whole of the Digital Youth Council including the 23 members & their partner list which includes names such as Twitter, Accenture, Storyful and more.

Over the past two years both Harry received a number of awards/honours including 'Young Entrepreneur of the Month' (Huffington Post), 20 Under 20 Ireland’s brightest and most inspirational rising stars' ( and more.

He has featured in Irish Times, Irish Sun, Irish Examiner, Today FM, Siliconrepublic,, TechCentral & The Huffington Post. Also he has appeared on the Television programs including RTE Morning Edition, 3e FYI, TwoTube and more.

Over the past 2 years Harry has worked alongside businesses including Twitter, Vodafone, Eircom, Bank of Ireland, Google, Accenture and many other big names in the industry. Harry doe quite of public speaking, Keynote addresses and event MCing. He has given Keynotes at events which include, Smart Business Show, RTE Mobile Monday , Excited 2014 & 2015 , The Young creators Celebration in the NACD and more.

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