The AAT Project

Kelly Peng

Age: 27

CEO of Aurora Tech, Inc.

Kelly Peng is the CEO, co-founder, and hardware inventor of Aurora Tech, Inc. She was the primary designer and builder of their Augmented Reality glass prototype. The AR project provides users the experience of affordable virtual reality. Kelly also designed and setup the manufacturing of the see-through display optics, which is able to attain a 100-degree field of view of a 3D image. This is a larger field of view than virtually any AR glass on the market can achieve.

The AR glass comes in the form of a headset and senses your emotions. Using an advanced machine learning algorithm, the AR glass determines whether you like or dislike what you’re seeing in real time. By using this technology, people will be able to better track their states of mind, which can improve healthcare activities, such as meditation.

Kelly’s next step with the AR glass is to make certain information available to users, such as finding out the nutritional level in a snack, the sugar level in a drink, or the plastic type and the recyclability of an item by simply looking at the object through the AR glass and pointing to it. This will be achieved by using a mini near-infrared light spectrum sensor, custom built driver circuits, and a machine learning algorithm.

Kelly is also currently a fellow at Greylock X, by Greylock Partner, an invite-only program for young tech entrepreneurs to learn more about starting their own company and how to fundraise productively and efficiently. She is the founder and lead engineer of Pepper Hardware, where she worked on a website and phone application to inexpensively streamline hardware prototyping. Amazingly, Kelly taught herself many aspects of engineering after years of playing with electronics and working on research projects, including a nuclear fusion reactor which used deuterium to generate neutrons and energy. She also built a solid-state and spark gap Tesla Coil, a self-balancing 2 wheeled robot suitcase to follow people around, an active laser scanning light camera to get a 3D mapping of various environment in real-time, and she started a team project to build a solid state rocket at UC Berkeley.

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