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Nabeel Quryshi

Age: 19

Intel International Science & Engineering Fair: First Place Grand Award in the Biomedical & Health Sciences category

Nabeel Quryshi is 19 years old and is studying at the Medical College of Wisconsin . His award-winning research focuses on developing novel therapeutics to combat coronary artery disease and the detrimental effects of chemotherapy upon the cardiovascular system. In addition, his current research goals include creating and utilizing a novel mathematical model of the human cell to understand the complexity of cellular systems.

He has presented his research and findings at state, national and international conferences and competitions. Having won the Best of Fair – 1st Place Grand Award at the Badger State Science & Engineering Fair, Nabeel most recently was awarded the prestigious First Place Grand Award in the Biomedical & Health Sciences category at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. This places his research in the top 40 projects in the world and bestows the privilege of having an asteroid/minor planet named in his honor.

Aside from his passion for all things science, he is captain of the varsity tennis team, concertmaster of the orchestra and founder and president of Harmonies for Health, a community orchestral performance ensemble. He is an ardent advocate of STEM education for all and was recently invited as a keynote speaker at the inaugural March for Science in Milwaukee. Nabeel also shared his love and passion for youth involvement in STEM-related fields with the TEDx community this August and hopes to lead by example as an ambassador for the next generation of science enthusiasts.

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