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Peter Stolarski

Age: 20

CEO, Branch 22 Capital LC

Peter Stolarski is a 20 year old entrepreneur focusing on financial technology development. At 16, he created and utilized automated trading systems in the emerging cryptocurrency market. He now manages Branch 22 Capital LLC, an algorithmic trading, technical analysis, and quantum analysis centered fintech company. His most recent project at Branch 22 Capital LLC includes implementing a momentum based algorithm, which executes trades with extremely high precision and profitability.

He built the company up from 3 individuals to 30 in less than a year, with no outside funding, by applying automated trading methods to cryptocurrencies and later general equities. The company has groups in Georgetown, Drexel, UPenn and 7 other universities. He accomplished this while serving as Director of Marketing and Business Development at American Health, a pioneering international healthcare education company and successfully handling the challenging curriculum of Xavier High School.

He is currently pursuing a B.S in Economics and Business Administration Legal Studies at Drexel University LeBow College of Business. He studies philosophy in his free time and is conducting personal research into business applications of Maslow's works and the quantification of market psychology via momentum and volume analysis techniques.

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