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Rohit Srinivasan

Age: 22

Finalists for Outstanding Delegate for the 2017 UN Summer Assembly.

Rohit Srinivasan, 17, is a young, social entrepreneur from Austin, Texas who is passionate about helping impact the lives of underprovided kids through the intersection of technology and education.

He is currently the co-founder of Trashbots, a company that develops low-cost science and engineering kits with an artistic twist and a structured curriculum that enables young people to develop problem-solving skills and enhance their creativity. These STEM kits allow kids to build robots that utilize found materials in the world around you and can meet the needs and budgets of underprovided kids in developing countries. The company is a member of Tarmac accelerator and won the SXSW Student startup competition in 2017. Using their platform, Rohit has taught STEM camps in India, Mexico, Peru and across numerous schools in the United States.

Rohit’s passion for education is the result of 5 years of experience teaching STEM at children’s homes in South Asia. While teaching a proprietary engineering process based curriculum and mentoring kids for a Tufts global robotics challenge (where one of the teams placed first), he got to see first-hand the powerful impact of hands on problem solving and creativity on the lives of children. Tufts University invited Rohit to deliver a video blog on the learnings and teaching methodology.

Previously, Rohit was one of the lead organizers of TEDxYouth@Austin and raised over $50,000 for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the conference. He also has two publications in the area of characterization of 3D printed objects, one of which was accepted for publication in 2016 Solid Free Form Symposium – the largest 3D printing conference in the world. Rohit’s foray into 3D printing technologies was inspired by his internships at a startup Structured Polymers Inc. and at the Material Science group at the University of Texas.

Rohit was one of the Finalists for Outstanding Delegate for the 2017 UN Summer Assembly and was a featured speaker on education at 2017 Ipadpalooza and SXSW EDU conferences. A previous education technology company he founded also won the 2016 SXSW EDU Student Startup competition.

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