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Arun Kumar

Educator and Entrepreneur, Founder and charter member of the National Academy of Inventor.

Dr. Arun Kumar is an educator and entrepreneur; he has obtained his PhD in 2003 from University of Delhi, India and did postdoctoral studies at New Mexico State University 2004. Dr. Kumar is currently an Assistant Professor at University of Delaware College of Health Sciences and Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Kumar has extensive experience in inter- disciplinary areas of research such as Nanomedicine, Regenerative Medicine, Biosensors, BioMEMS and Drug Delivery. He has supervised Undergraduate, Master's and PhD students for research projects at University of South Florida, Marshall University and University of Delaware. Dr. Kumar has filed over thirty US and International patents on biosensor, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine and drug delivery. He has delivered over twenty invited talks all over the world and organized seven international conferences where he served as chair, co-chair and organizing committee members. He did pioneer work in cell mediated nanotechnology and regenerative medicine.

In October 2014 Dr. Kumar has been invited as a plenary speaker in Rome to present his work on nanofiber based scaffold technology to repair the damaged heart tissues. He is editor in chief of Nanomedicine in Drug delivery book published by Frances and Taylor. He served on many federal grant agencies as reviewer and published over forty publications in peer reviewed journals he recently invited to be speaker in Henry Stewart Talks Show London, UK. He is a founder and charter member of the National Academy of Inventor and served as principle, co-principle investigator and team members of many university, State and federal funded grants.

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