The AAT Project

Ferez S. Nallaseth

Principal Investigator & Consultant of LSINJ; Member of CBSA; Coach, Analyst & Editor of RSC, NSN, Ferez'nSquashDocs; Adjunct Assistant Professor at RCINJ

Dr. Ferez Soli Nallaseth currently has 3 appointments. He has (1) sponsored the Life Sciences Institute of New Jersey, in Belle Mead, NJ, to foster and publish his research, (2) been inducted into the Think Tank, Complex Biological Systems Alliance in Boston, MA, and (3) been appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor to the Rutgers-Cancer Institute of NJ where he does bench work on his own research. He also collaborates on Cancer Research with Dr. Joseph Bertino, MD who is a Leader in the field.

Dr. Nallaseth's current Core Area of Research is in Mammalian Evolutionary Genetics/Speciation, Chromosome/Genome Biology and Sex Determination/Gametogenesis. The goal is to use these areas to initiate the Systematization and Control of the networks of Genes regulating Mammalian (Human) Chromosome and Genome Biology from which disease causing Mutations escape. The only cure for some intractable diseases like some Cancers and Alzheimer's disease is stopping the mutations that start them. A 35 year journey by Dr. Nallaseth and others has now developed ramifications for Global Biomedical, Health and Economic Policies (Is There a Role for an Evolutionary Genetics Based Rational Health Policy In Global Biomedical, Health and Economic Policies? Nallaseth. J. Mol Biol OMICS . v3 :

Dr. Nallaseth's past or ongoing and/or Ancillary Research is based on collaborations in (1) Neurobiology of Anoxia Resistant Turtle (T. scripta elegans) Brains, (2) Protein Structure, Engineering and Export, (3) Stem Cells, (3D) cultures, the morphogenesis of skin and the Differential Adhesion Hypothesis (DAH) of Foty and Steinberg. Dr. Nallaseth's research is currently being published in peer reviewed Journals.

In 1981, Ferez made his first internationally recognized scientific contribution by becoming the first in the world, to successfully execute a Direct Test for a Human Disease (Sickle Cell Anemia) with Recombinant DNA technology the results of which were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA and were recognized as such by Dr. James Watson (and his colleagues). Dr. Watson along with Dr. Francis HC Crick is a co-discoverer of the Structure of the DNA Double Helix, (, Page 3 for all links). Ferez did this work as a first generation migrant on an H1 Immigrant Visa classification, in Dr. John Wilson's lab at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. In doing so he participated in a team that beat out top competing labs including those at Harvard and the University of California San Francisco.

Ferez also substitutes as a Teacher of Biology and Chemistry in Princeton and Hillsborough, NJ High Schools. Additionally, Ferez is a Coach, Competitor, Analyst, Author, Editor and more recently a Webmaster focusing on the game of Squash Rackets over the last 40 years and has been nationally ranked in both the United States and in India. He brings a Scientific bent to analyzing Squash, namely in its application for elucidating the Evolution of Motor-Sensory-Spatial dimensions of various Human functions. So he is also interested in Squash Rackets at the Nexus of the Neurosciences. He is regularly published in online Magazines and Journals focusing on the game of Squash Rackets.

In fact Ferez had his own first lab from 1974 to 1976 even before gaining a University degree when he inherited a Pathology lab on the early passing of his father. The lab was also partially and generously sponsored by Dr. Yusuf Hamied Chairman and Owner of India's Drug Giant, Cipla Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Dr. Hamied collaborates with President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to bring generic low cost drugs such as anti-HIV drugs to African and other Developing Nations. This early laboratory of Dr. Nallaseth focused on 3 projects at a High School Level of Scientific Research: (1) Marine Flora in Environmental Pollution possibly caused by untreated textile sewage, (2) Public Drinking Water Potability Ratios and (3) Fish Breeding and Breeding Behaviors specifically related to Siamese Fighters (Beta splendens).

Ferez has held a keen interest in Social, Civic, Environmental, Educational, Cultural, Human and Animal Rights issues as well as Artistic, Musical and Literary activities since his earliest years when they were first manifested! His earliest friends (as well as teachers) came from the neighborhood slums. The same members to whose medical and Educational needs his Physician father (and Professor Mother) administered, even on the last night that each was alive! All of the examples of graciousness and generosity held up to Ferez and listed above endowed him with a keen sense of appreciation for the struggles of those who are representative of most on the Planet! As well as in an obligation for the Stewardship of its fragile Socio-Political and Environmental Ecosystem!

The last 4 generations of Dr. Nallaseth's family either is or was disbursed on 5 of 6 populated continents on the Planet, with either partners or spouses from all 6 populated continents. The vast majority of whom either had or do have an acute sense of Social and Civic responsibilities leaving Dr. Nallaseth steeped in these traditions. Which are the very ones that shaped Human Evolution and Development!

Ferez looks forward to the privilege of working with the gifted students of The AAT Projectâ„¢.

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