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Ferez Soli Nallaseth

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Fnd. Pres.,CEO, CSO: LSINJ - Draws on Colleag., Drs. Sakharov & Oppenheimer to mt. chall. of paradigms in Medicine/Socioecon.;
Member - CBSA; Vt. Prof. Chamberlain Un.;
Coach, Anal. & Edit. - Nex. Squash w/ Neurosc.

Dr. Ferez Soli Nallaseth currently has 3 appointments. He has (1) joined colleagues to sponsor the restructured ‘Not for Profit’ Life Sciences Institute of New Jersey (LSINJ), in Belle Mead, NJ. It has the goal of promoting the Public Interest in Healthcare and Economics, by reforming fundamental paradigms in Medicine [Life Sciences Institute of New Jersey (LSINJ)], (2) been inducted into the Complex Biological Systems Alliance of Boston, MA, (Complex Biological Systems Alliance) and (3) been appointed a Visiting Professor at Chamberlain University, where he co-teaches Microbiology with the Dean, Dr. Sandra Hampton and a Microbiologist Ms. Aqsa Sheikh. (College of Nursing & Health Professions | Chamberlain)

Dr. Nallaseth also collaborates with international Scientists, Professors and Leaders at Universities, Global Think Tanks, Biotechnology Enterprises and Research Institutions in an array of sub-fields of the Life and Social Sciences in meeting the current challenges in Healthcare and Socioeconomics through the reformed LSINJ first established in 2004. These challenges are met by restructuring of the fundamental paradigm in Medicine, from therapeutic intervention via management to preemption in real time, of thousands of Genetic disease lesions. Including those for which preemption is the only ‘real cure’ and cause such intractable pathological conditions as Cancer(s) and Alzheimer’s disease.

This strategy emerged from Dr. Nallaseth’s current Core Area of Research in Mammalian Evolutionary Genetics of Speciation, Chromosome and Genome Biology, Sex Determination and Gametogenesis. The eventual goal is to use these and other areas to initiate the Systematization, Surveillance and Control of the Networks of Genes maintaining the Human Genome in Real Time which then allows the preemption of Genetic disease lesions (Mutations). A 40 year journey by Dr. Nallaseth as well as some others applying this approach has now developed ramifications for Global Biomedical, Health and Economic Policies. The magnitude of Global interest in this undertaking of the LSINJ is illustrated with the search term ‘What is the Life Sciences Institute of NJ’ yielding up to 236 million ‘hits’ on a Google Search (1) Is There a Role for an Evolutionary Genetics Based Rational Health Policy In Global Biomedical, Health and Economic Policies? Nallaseth. J. Mol Biol OMICS . v3 :, (; (2) What is lost in confronting Global Health & Economic Crises?Scale!Science & Cost-Benefit Ratios Overwhelmingly Support Marshall Plan Based Preemption!.

The complete Biological Sketch for Dr. Nallaseth is accessible through this link.

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