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Gareth Jones

Eduzine Global Limited Media Director; Eduzine Consulting Limited business director, consultant and mentor.

Gareth is Media Director at, an organisation which promotes, supports, showcases, mentors and celebrates young achievers across the globe. Born in Kowloon, Gareth grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore before settling in the south of England as a teenager. The Canton legend surrounding Kowloon (City of 9 Dragons)its 9 surrounding hills & dragons and their pearls of wisdom, has fascinated him from a young age. Therefore, it is no surprise that Gareth became heavily involved in supporting young people, especially young entrepreneurs, with his own pearls of wisdom.

A project accounting professional, who is passionate about supporting and promoting young people whilst helping those in need, Gareth has over 30 years' experience working directly with young entrepreneurs and also with other organisations that support young people. Gareth has developed an original business strategy around achievement and successful personal & professional profiling. This focuses on why we do what we do, rather than simply what we do.

Described in 2013 as one of the 'Three WHYs Men' (alongside Simon Sinek and Paul Dunn), Gareth is a firm believer in the rewards of passion and compassion above profit alone. Gareth believes that business success is far more achievable through embedding your own positive beliefs and values within your business profile, thereby connecting with the right people in the right way.

Further Information

Current Appointments

Gareth also presently holds the following positions

  • Trustee, Eduzine Trust
  • Managing Director, Eduzine Consulting
  • Project Director, 'Life Begins With ...'
  • Buy 1,Give 1 (B1G1) Business Partner
  • Youth Advisory Board Member, Botswana Youth Portal

Personal Mission

"Just Doin'!" - Walk Don't Talk.

To help change the world and make it a far better place for children & young adults, especially those who are either poor, disabled, marginalized or disadvantaged in some way.


CIMA Accountant (ACMA / CGMA) since 1995 Project Accountant / Education & Entrepreneurship Consultant / Business Adviser / Youth Advocate / Philanthropist / Editor / Author / Trainer / Occasional Corporate Speaker.

Previous Experience

  • Director of School Services, Private Sector Company (2011 - 2012)
  • Schools & Youth Service Based Finance, Business Management & Director Roles (2002 - 2011)
  • Principal Accountant Local Authority (1999 - 2002)
  • Resources, Projects & Events Accountant, Major City Authority (1992 - 1999)
  • Various Public Sector Accountancy Roles (1982 - 1992)
  • Various community, charity, professional boards, panels & trusts (1992 - Present)
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