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Neil Sankar

Physician in Life Sciences industry involved in the clinical development of innovative therapies in Oncology

Dr. Sankar is a physician in Life Sciences industry involved in the clinical development of innovative therapies in Oncology. Being a clinician and strong passion for science has helped him to work amongst some of the best scientific minds in this industry. He is also proud to state that he was part of the development team involved in 3 successful NDA submissions including 2 blockbuster drugs in oncology.( one for solid tumors and the other for B Cell malignancy) His extensive tenure in the industry and working with major industry players have provided him with excellent team management skills and relationship building helping him to connect with corporates, academia’s research centers and organizations to identify clinical and strategic needs to implement a successful clinical development plan.

Dr. Sankar is a very skilled professional who can connect the various dots needed for a drug approval & development strategy needed for successful filings. He holds active memberships with ASCO, ASH, EHA, DIA, SOCRA, EPPIC Global, Tie Silicon Valley and SIPA and he has served in various sub committees within DIA including Clinical trial design, Clinical study end points, Safety & pharmacovigilance, Protocol writing and Quality risk management.

Dr. Sankar is also very passionate about technology and science based innovation and development in the field of health care, drug discovery, research and development Areas of therapeutic expertise include Oncology including hematological and solid tumors, immunology, respiratory and CNS. His global clientele includes life science companies including Biotech/Pharma focused on making innovative targeted therapeutics and biomarker diagnostics primarily in the therapeutic areas of Hematology/Oncology, and immunology Clienteles include primarily Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, CRO, academia and research institutions. He has developed well established relationship with scientists, researchers, clinicians and KOL’s primarily in the oncology space. His job responsibilities and capabilities include protocol writing, clinical study design, review of the safety and efficacy data, monitor safety signals, act as clinical leads for various molecules in development and serve as the conduit between the KOL’s and the sponsor in the clinical setting and other aspects of writing including CSR’s and safety narratives.

Currently Dr. Sankar is working with 2 clients in oncology developing targeted therapeutics in Haem malignancies and the other in kinase mutated solid tumors. And he is in the process of building an enterprise that transcends geographies and develop into one of the finest institutions in Oncological sciences from drug discovery, biomarker, diagnostics and development to health care delivery by partnering with leading research and academic groups in India, Europe and US.

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