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Ryan Gill

Head of Millennial Engagement // Director of Business Development at Solidify Ventures

Ryan Gill is a translator of passion who's experience spans media, technology, and finance. As a serial entrepreneur, he has launched and/or managed operations for several brands in partnership with cultural influencers such as Monster Energy, and the Maloof Family. He is currently building an ecosystem to empower and catalyze the millennial generation to look at entrepreneurship and innovation as a lifestyle; while simultaneously working with the larger world of business, marketing, and finance to bridge the generational paradigm gap.

Ryan has been eyes, ears and voice in the innovation marketplace: Working with startup companies to leverage innovation in order to grow and scale; and working with larger corporations to leverage innovation in order to adapt by acting smaller, quicker and more agile.

The result has provided a real win-win by bringing new technologies to markets they would not otherwise have access to, while arming founders with the innovations they need to launch, sustain, amplify and energize the positive brand conversations that are their lifeblood.

Ryan leverages his extensive networks in the worlds of Venture Capital, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood to bring deep creative and strategic intelligence and global business development alliances.

In everything he does, Ryan operates with the fundamental belief that the list of solutions far outweighs the list of problems.

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