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The Aston University Outdoor Challenge

In our search to find the next generation of innovators and inventors, Aston University will host a challenge sponsored by The AAT Project™, Stress Engineering and Origin Outdoor Group to discover the next brilliant products and technology for the outdoor world. This challenge will give brilliant young minds the opportunity to develop their innovation into sustainable resources. This integrated challenge is targeted to begin mid-February of 2017, culminating with a celebratory event announcing the top finalists in May 2017.

The entire student body at Aston University will be invited to participate in this challenge, including Academy (age 14-19), Undergraduate, Graduate, and Medical School students. Upon submission, all projects will be judged based on a legal review (patent viability), engineering review, and market viability analysis. At the culmination of the Aston Outdoor Challenge, a panel of industry judges will review the completed outdoor innovations and determine the finalists, who will then receive assistance in the commercialization of their products.

This challenge will be an extremely beneficial learning experience for the thousands of young innovators who will compete to bring their product to the marketplace.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor or an Investor of the Challenge?

The answers to the world's most pressing issues lie in the minds of today's youth. You can play a role in discovering these innovations and developing solutions that will make the world a better place.

The AAT Project is looking for support to assist the next generation of young innovators in turning their dreams into a reality.

Please contact for more information on partnering in our shared mission to find the next great innovation that could change the world.

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