The AAT Project Ambassadors

Some of their faces should be familiar by now but meet our amazing ambassadors! Despite their youth, all of them have made groundbreaking advances in the STEM fields. They are the new generation of young role models. We hope for their influence to reach teens all over the country and eventually the world.

Meet the ambassadors and global ambassadors*

Aaron Easaw

Aaron has developed numerous corporations, including the multi-investor INC.UBATOR venture capital firm, which helps young businesses grow and gain the traction required to be successful.
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Aditya Mohan*

Aditya Mohan is a 19-year-old youth leader in STEM who, in 2012, designed a novel Algal Biofuel extraction process which produces industry-grade biofuel at the fraction of its current cost. One of Aditya's recent projects involves bioengineering the common cold virus for applications in cancer treatment.
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Alex Deans

Alex is a 19-year-old serial inventor, artist, and public speaker. He was appointed as the Queen’s Young Leader by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in June 2017. At age 12, his chance encounter with a visually impaired woman inspired him to develop the iAid, a novel navigation device for the blind. His work on the iAid has taken him from visually impaired communities to winning second place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as a member of Team Canada.
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Alicia Pan

Alicia Pan is a student from the city of Vienna, Virginia, and has garnered national recognition for her scientific research and academic achievements. Through her research at the National Institutes of Health on the motor protein kinesin, she and her team mate discovered the next anticancer drug target: an extended form of kinesin with a new extensible motif it uses as a leg to walk on the microtubule with.
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Ann Makosinski*

Ann is one of the most sought after inventors and global influencers of her generation. Her first invention was the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs off the heat of the hand, eliminating the need for batteries. She also invented the eDrink, a coffee mug that has a port to charge your iPhone, converting the excess heat of your coffee into electricity. Ann won multiple awards for both of these inventions, and continues to work on different projects as well as being featured in numerous media outlets.
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Benjamin Stern

18-year-old, Ben Stern, from sunny Melbourne, Florida, made waves on his appearance with the “Sharks” last February. Ben won over the panel of investors with his eco-friendly shampoo company, Nohbo, after washing his grandma, bubbe’s, hair on national television. Ben came up with Nohbo in his 9th-grade biology class after watching a documentary on how damaging plastic bottles are to the environment.
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Blake Marggraff

Blake Marggraff graduated from Washington University in May, 2015 and founded the digital health company Epharmix, based on research around chronic disease management for medically underserved patient populations. Epharmix has demonstrated meaning clinical outcomes for several major chronic conditions and has received the support of investors including Nobel laureate Dr. Wally Gilbert and XPRIZE founder Dr. Peter Diamandis.
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Campbell Erickson

Campbell Erickson, 17, is a young social entrepreneur, futurist, and photographer from Austin, Texas. He is the Co-Founder of 'PurchaseMate', an iOS app that enables users to be conscious and effective shoppers, as well as Project Zilkr, an online platform ‘to create an international community for young, open-source entrepreneurship.’
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Ciara Judge*

Ciara Judge is a 19-year-old scientist from Kinsale, Cork, Ireland who, along with her teammates Emer and Sophie, won the Google Global Science Fair in 2014 for using the natural bacteria, Rhizobium, to speed up the germination time and subsequent growth of cereal crops.
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Conor Begley*

20-year-old Conor Begley, from County Louth in Ireland, is the creator of Quick Com, a cost-effective communication aid that allows severely disabled people to communicate and interact by performing small movements such as twitching a muscle or bending a joint.
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Easton LaChappelle

At 14, Easton LaChapelle made his first robotic hand out of LEGOs, fishing wire, and electrical tubing. At 17, Easton founded his own company, Unlimited Tomorrow, which works to develop a new concept for an exoskeleton in order to help paraplegics walk again. Now 20 years old, Easton continues to pursue his passion for technology. He is the Co-Founder of Impyrium, an engineering company which develops products to make operators of robots and heavy machinery more effective and more efficient.
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Edel Browne*

Edel Browne is a second year student at Presentation College Athenry, County Galway. Her project, "Free Feet," is a device that reduces the freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease. She is also working with STEMettes, the largest Social Enterprise organization for the promotion of Women in STEM in the UK and Ireland.
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Elle Loughran*

Elle Loughran is an 18-year-old Irish scientist, speaker, blogger, freelance writer and Natural Sciences student at Trinity College Dublin. She has received both a Naughton scholarship and an entrance scholarship to university for her work. She is passionate about interdisciplinary science, opportunity and making discovery a part of culture, which is part of her role as a member of the Youth Panel of the British Science Association.
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Emer Hickey*

Emer Hickey is an 18-year-old student from Ireland who, in recent years, has worked on a project which studied the use of Diazotroph Bacteria as a Cereal Crop Growth Promoter. Emer was also selected by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential teens in the world in 2014.
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Ethan Perrin

Ethan Perrin is a sophomore at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. He has a million and counting interests in photography, cinematography, robotics, electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering, graphic design, and anything he can get my hands on.
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Grace Young

Grace Calvert Young is an MIT graduate in Mechanical & Ocean Engineering who is dedicated to developing technology in order to explore, manage, and sustain our ocean’s resources while conserving their fragile ecosystems. She has not only developed software for CERN and MIT, but she has also assisted in the designing, building, and testing of submersible and aerial robots for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and NOAA.
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Harry McCann*

Harry McCann is a 17 year old Teach entrepreneur & speaker from Ireland. He is the Founder & Director of the Digital Youth Council of Ireland, which is the first of its kind in the world. He has worked alongside high profiled people & businesses such as Stephen Fry, Blackberry, Twitter, Norah Casey and more. He was also named in 20 under 20 Brightest most inspirational people.
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Jack Andraka

At 16, Jack won the grand prize at Intel ISEF with his innovative early detection test for pancreatic cancer. Now 19-years-old, Jack is studying material science at Stanford University and continuing his research into cancer detection and nanorobotics as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.
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Jacob Barnett

Born autistic, 18-year-old Jacob Barnett is a theoretical physicist studying loop quantum gravity and quantum foundations. After completing his master’s degree in 2014, he is currently working on his doctoral program at Perimeter Institute. He boasts an IQ of 170 which is higher than that of Albert Einstein.
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Jonny Cohen

At age 12, with the help of the faculty at Northwestern University, Jonny started building prototypes to make school buses more aerodynamic. Currently 20, attending Columbia University, he is working on perfecting an airfoil called Greenshield V5 to mount on top of school buses. The new version costs $30 and improves gas mileage by 15%. Standby for Jonny’s latest, the Antimicrobial Mobile Tech Cases.
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Katherine Bomkamp

Through her early years, Katherine witnessed the devastation war had on her father’s friends, many of whom returned disabled, which inspired her to do something to help. At 16, she created the Pain Free Socket, a prosthetic device that alleviates phantom pain for amputees, the first device of its kind to actually provide relief.
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Kai Kloepfer

Kai Kloepfer is the 19-year-old founder of Biofire Technologies, a startup company that is developing and ultimately selling smarter firearms. Aiming to reduce the thousands of deaths from gun violence and misuse of firearms, he has worked for over 3 years to develop a biometrically- activated firearm that functions with the owner’s fingerprint.
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Kelly Peng

Kelly Peng is the CEO, Co-founder, and hardware inventor of Aurora Tech, Inc. She was the primary designer and builder of their Augmented Reality glass prototype. Kelly is also currently a fellow at Greylock X, by Greylock Partner.
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Krithika Iyer

Krithika is the founder and CEO of SmartStart Initiative, a nonprofit organization that works to improve access to education through technology. She is also a United Nations Youth Delegate, a TedxPlano Speaker, and a finalist at the 2015 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
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Lily Born

Lily, now 14 years old, was an extremely shy and quiet young girl for most of her early years. However, at 8 years old, after discovering that her grandfather had Parkinson’s disease and was spilling his drinks frequently due to his disease, she took the initiate create a solution. Inspired, she came up with the idea for the Kangaroo Cup: a three-legged cup that won’t tip over.
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Mahika Halepete

Mahika Halepete, 15, is the founder and Executive Director of AYANA International, a nonprofit initiative which she created to harness the power of youth innovation to solve global problems. She is passionate about creating sustainable solutions to issues stemming from global poverty and utilizing purposeful, human-centered design in developing nations.
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Manu (Swish) Goswami*

Swish Goswami is a 20 year old TEDx speaker, venture capitalist (at JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital founded by Brooklyn Nets PF Trevor Booker), LinkedIn Youth Editor, UN Youth Ambassador and serial entrepreneur. After a successful market exit, Swish is now the co-founder of Dunk Media, a sports media conglomerate heavily focused on social by establishing and growing a media network of over 8M followers hyper-focused on basketball.
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Miribel Tran

Miribel Tran is a social entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, scientific researcher, self-help strategist, and mental health activist. She has worked to raise awareness for mental illnesses since the age of 15 through her articles and award-winning research. As a college student at Stanford, Miribel currently serves on numerous advisory boards and organizations to improve mental health policies.
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Nabeel Quryshi

Nabeel Quryshi is 17 years old and a rising senior at the University School of Milwaukee. His award-winning research focuses on developing novel therapeutics to combat coronary artery disease and the detrimental effects of chemotherapy upon the cardiovascular system. In addition, his current research goals include creating and utilizing a novel mathematical model of the human cell to understand the complexity of cellular systems.
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Nicole Birkner

Nicole Birkner as born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica and is currently a freshman at Stanford University leaning towards pursuing a degree in Management Science and Engineering or Symbolic Systems. Nicole is the founder of Fresquiticos, a start-up in the beverage industry that creates natural, healthy soda made of Costa Rican fruit flavors.
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Omar Abudayyeh

Omar Abudayyeh is a MD/PhD student at Harvard Medical School/Harvard-MIT Health, Sciences, and Technology program. Omar’s research interests lie at the intersection between engineering, nanotechnology, computation/statistics, and biology. Some of his long-term goals include creating better molecular tags for super resolution and electron microscopy, creating a nanoparticle-based urine test for diseases, and more.
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Param Jaggi

At 17, Param won the Intel Science Fair with a device called “Algae Mobile” that he designed to reduce tailpipe emissions. He now is the Chief Environmental Officer of EcoViate, a green-tech start up that focuses on inexpensive, efficient, and disposable green products.
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Peter Stolarski

Peter Stolarski is a 19-year-old entrepreneur focusing on financial technology development. He now manages Branch 22 Capital LLC, an algorithmic trading, technical analysis, and quantum analysis-centered fintech company. His most recent project at Branch 22 Capital LLC includes implementing a momentum based algorithm, which executes trades with extremely high precision and profitability.
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Raja Selvakumar

Raja Selvakumar currently is a Masters student in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology earlier this year with he’s Machelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.
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Riley Ennis

As a high school senior, Riley Ennis had already formed his first company, Immudicon Inc., which focused on the development of a cancer vaccine based upon a novel mechanism of recruiting dendritic cells. He moved on to study cell biology at Dartmouth and was later invited to work under a Visiting Scientist agreement with Novartis. 

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Rohit Srinivasan

Rohit Srinivasan, 16, is a young, social entrepreneur from Austin, Texas who is passionate about helping impact the lives of underprovided kids through the intersection of technology and education.
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Sajni Vederey

Sajni Vederey founded STEM All Stars, an organization dedicated to helping eliminate gender differences and breaking the barriers of stereotypes by running STEM competitions, clubs, and events around the world for girls.
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Sara Volz

At 17, Sara won the Grand Prize at 2013 Intel ISTS for pioneering a technique to grow algae cells with high oil content that could be used as an inexpensive form of biofuel. Currently, Sara is a junior at MIT and continuing her work on algae research.
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Sharon Lin

Sharon is the Executive Director of StuyHacks, and serves on the Executive Board as a leader for ProjectCSGIRLS, STEM Premier, and MIT Launch. She is also the founder of BitxBit Camp, a non-profit computer science summer program for middle school girls, and organized a partnership with NCWIT AspireIT, Intel, Microsoft, and Sphero.
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Shreyas Parab

Shreyas Parab, a proud resident of the great state of Pennsylvania, is 17 years old and strives to be the change he wishes to see in the world and isn’t afraid of challenging the norm along the way. He serves on various advisory boards including on organizations/companies like: Harvard’s Graduate School of Education Making Care Common Project, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, HatchPad, KidBacker Enterprises.
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Stacey Ferreira

Stacey Ferreira was only 18 years old when she and her brother pitched an idea to create a website called to billionaire and entrepreneur Richard Branson. is a cloud-based bookmark vault and password website that allows users to log into all of their accounts at once. Stacey is now the CEO and co-founder of Forge, a company working to create a new social contract between employees and employers.
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Suraj Buddhavarapu

For 18-year-old Suraj Buddhavarapu, a love of building things is at the core of his identity. As a middle schooler, it meant repurposing lawn mower engines onto go-karts, constructing bicycles in his garage, and assembling small remote-control robots.
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Tanvi Girotra*

A Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award recipient, Tanvi, at 24, is leading an internationally recognized organization - Becoming I Foundation - which works towards revolutionizing education systems in India to transform communities from within.
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Tina Bastin

Tina Bastin is a 15-year-old Global Tech Leader, who promotes the STEAM fields by providing illiterate children with an education and a motivating environment to allow them to flourish. Globally, as a feminist author, she has brought forth recognition to women by publishing an article called Objects or Humans?, which addresses the groundbreaking stereotypes and negative influences affecting women daily and focuses on gender inequality.
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Tom Wagg*

Tom Wagg, at the age of 15, discovered a new planet about 1,000 light years away orbiting a star in our galaxy. He will begin attending Harvard University in the fall of this year.
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