What is The AAT Project Academy?

Our advisors consist of educators, scholars, industry leaders and innovators from the top universities and corporations in America. They form a strong support network for the participants in the platform.


With most success stories, there is someone behind the scenes providing support. For the Millennials and Post-Millennials of this platform, that will be the mentors. The participants of this platform will have the chance to be guided by educators, scientists, industry leaders, and innovators that are at the top of their fields. We are thrilled to be joined by a support network as strong as The AAT Academy.
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The AAT Project is supported by educators from the top universities in America. They will be providing their professional expertise in judging and in some cases mentoring.
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High School Committee

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Management evaluates and selects projects based on their innovative potential and beneficial impact on society.


Some of their faces should be familiar by now but meet our amazing ambassadors! Despite their youth, all of them have made groundbreaking advances in the STEM fields. They are the new generation of teen role models. We hope for their influence to reach teens all over the country and eventually the world.
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