The AAT Project Educators

Adam P. Wax - Duke University

Professor, Director, Biomedical Engineering

Alan Wolf - Cooper Union

Professor and Chair of Physics, Acting Dean

Amitabh Lath - Rutgers University

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Amy Cheng Vollmer - Swarthmore College

Department Chair and Professor of Biology

Andrea Newmark - Cooper Union

Professor and Chair of Chemistry

Anupam K Garg - Northwestern University

Professor, Physics and Astronomy. Fellow, American Physical Society. Author, "Classical Electromagnetism in a Nutshell."

Armin D. Kaiser - Stanford University

Professor of Biochemistry and of Developmental Biology

Arun Kumar - University of Delaware

Assistant Professor, College of Health Sciences and Department of Biomedical Engineering

Avi Silberschatz - Yale University

Professor of Computer Science

Aydogan Ozcan - University of California, Los Angeles

The Chancellor’s Professor at UCLA and an HHMI Professor with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, leading the Bio- and Nano-Photonics Laboratory at UCLA School of Engineering and is also the Associate Director of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).

Barrett Caldwell - Purdue University, NASA

Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Purdue University Faculty Scholar, and Director of the NASA Indiana Space Grant Consortium (a STEM education and workforce development program out of the NASA Office of Education)

Barry Simon - California Institute of Technology

IBM Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Benjamin C. Pierce - University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Computer Science

Bernard Chazelle - Princeton University

Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science

Bevil R. Conway - Wellesley College, Harvard Medical School

Knafel Assistant Professor of Natural Science and Neuroscience

Bryna Kra - Northwestern University

Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Cascade Sorte - University of California, Irvine

PHD Assistant professor; Department of Ecology and evolutionary Biology

Christoph Rose-Petruck - Brown University

Professor of Chemistry

Constantine Yapijakis - Cooper Union

Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of the Environmental Research Lab

Craig S. Levin - Stanford University

Professor Departments of Radiology, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering, Dir. of Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Laboratory.

Dan Abramovich - Brown University

Professor of Mathematics, American Mathematical Society affiliate

Daniel Rockmore - Dartmouth College

Chair of the Department of Mathematics

David Cox - Amherst College

Professor, Mathematics Dept., Fellow of the American Mathematical Society

David Eagleman - Baylor College of Medicine

Neuroscientist and Director of both The Laboratory for Perception and Medicine and the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law at the Baylor College of Medicine

David I. August - Princeton University

Professor of Computer Science

David M. Blei - Princeton University

Associate Professor of Computer Science. Original developer of Latent Dirichlet Allocation

David M. Chenoweth - University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

David R. Yarkony - Johns Hopkins University

D. Mead Johnson Professor of Chemistry

Don L. Coursey - University of Chicago

Ameritech Professor of Public Policy at Chicago Harris and the College and served as dean of Chicago Harris from 1996 to 1998

Edward Frenkel - University of California, Berkeley

Professor of Mathematics (representation theory, algebraic geometry, and mathematical physics)

Elizabeth A. Hadly - Stanford University

Professor of biology and of geological and environmental sciences

Elizabeth Delong - Duke University School of Medicine

Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Enrique Galvez - Colgate University

Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dir. of the Division of Natural Science & Mathematics

Eric Ding - Harvard University

Epidemiologist and Nutritionist at Harvard School of Public Health, Director of Epidemiology with Microclinic International, and a Soros Fellow.

Eugenia Liakaris - New York University Wasserman Center, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Dir. of Career Development

Ezra Miller - Duke University

Professor of Mathematics

Ferez Nallaseth - Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Principal Investigator & Consultant at Life Sciences Institute of New Jersey, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Fred Rasio - Northwestern University

Professor of Physics; Evolution of dense star clusters, massive black hole formation, coalescing compact binaries, gravity waves, extrasolar planets.

Gary Wessel - Brown University

Professor of Biology, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

George Djorgovski - California Institute of Technology

Professor of Astronomy, and Director, Center for Data-Driven Discovery, Caltech

Gil Refael - California Institute of Technology

Professor of Theoretical Physics, Physics EO Condensed Matter Theory

Hazel Sive - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor of Biology and Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Helen Lam - University of Chicago

Assistant Dir. of Research at the UCCCC Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities.

Hirosi Ooguri - California Institute of Technology

Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics & Deputy Chair of Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy

Hongjie Dai - Stanford University

Professor, J. G. Jackson and C. J. Wood Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Hopi E. Hoekstra - Harvard University

Principal Investigator of Hoekstra Lab, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ivan Dmochowski - University of Pennsylvania

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

James Canary - New York University

Professor of Chemistry

Jared R. Leadbetter - California Institute of Technology

Professor of Environmental Microbiology

Jennifer Curtis - Georgia Institute of Technology

Associate Professor School of Physics

John A. Marohn - Cornell University

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Member, Field of Materials Science and Engineering.

John Doyle - California Institute of Technology

John G Braun Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering, and Bioengineering

John O. Dabiri - California Institute of Technology

Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, Dir. of Center for Bioinspired Wind Energy.

John Quackenbush - Harvard School of Public Health

Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics in the Department of Biostatistics

Jonah Berger - University of Pennsylvania

James G. Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, Author of "Contagious"

Jonathan Block - University of Pennsylvania

Professor, Department of Mathematics. Chair of Graduate Group

Joseph Y. Halpern - Cornell University

Professor, Computer Science Department

Justin Du Bois - Stanford University

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Karen Kim - University of Chicago

Professor of Medicine in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.

Katharine Needham - Project Olympus, a start-up incubator at Carnegie Mellon Universtiy

Entrepreneur in Residence at Project Olympus; Advisory Board member of Chatham University

Kip Guy - St Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Chairman of the Department of Chemical Biology & Therapeutics

Lai-Sheng Wang - Brown University

Professor of Experimental Physical Chemistry

Leah Gerber - Arizona State University

Ecology And Conservation Science;

Lisa Carbone - Rutgers University

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Lynne Hillenbrand - California Institute of Technology

Professor of Astronomy

Malcolm J. Avison - Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science

Professor, Departments of Radiology & Radiological Sciences.

Maria-Luisa Alegre - University of Chicago

Section of Rheumatology, Professor of Medicine

Mariano Garcia-Blanco - Duke University

Charles D. Watts Professor Director, Center for RNA Biology

Marisa C. Kozlowski - University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Chemistry, Secretary-Treasurer of American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry

Matteo Aureli - University of Nevada, Reno

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Maurizio Porfiri - New York University

Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnic School of Engineering

Megan Everett - Northwestern University

Program Officer of the Veterans Program for the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, former Assistant Director at Northwestern's Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the McCormick School of Engineering.

Michael A. Marasco - Northwestern University

Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Michael Platt - Duke University

Professor: Director, Duke Institute for Brain Science, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Michel M. Maharbiz - University of California, Berkeley

Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mihaela Glamoclija - Rutgers University

Assistant Professor Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Mitchell Lipton - Cooper Union

Dean of Admissions and Records and Registrar

Morteza Gharib - California Institute of Technology

Vice Provost for Research, Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Bio-Inspired Engineering

Nathan Harshman - American University

Department Chair, Physics; The intersection of quantum information theory and particle physics.

Neil Sankar - Biotech/Pharma/CRO/Medical Device Companies

M.D.,M.P.H, Physician in Life Sciences industry

Nektaria Tryfona - George Mason University

Adjunct Professor, Distance Education Program Coordinator, Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science (GGS), George Mason University

Nicole Abaid - Virginia Tech

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins - Brown University

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Patricia Cahn - University of Pennsylvania

Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics (geometric and low-dimensional topology)

Rachel Meyer - New York University

NSF Plant Genome Research Program Postdoctoral Fellow

Rafe Mazzeo - Stanford University

Professor of Mathematics, Co-Founder of Stanford University Math Camp, Advisory Faculty Dir. of SPCS (Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies)

Rebecca Goldin - George Mason University

Professor and Graduate Director, Mathematical Sciences, Director of Research, STATS

Robert M. Hazen - George Mason University, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Clarence Robinson Professor of Earth Science at George Mason University; senior research scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington's Geophysical Laboratory Executive Director, Deep Carbon Observatory

Robert Montgomery - Johns Hopkins University

Professor of Surgery, Chief Division of Transplantation, Director of the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center

Robert Q. Topper - Cooper Union

Professor of Chemistry

Robert Reenan - Brown University

Professor of Biology

Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom - Duke University

Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology & Education & Biological Psychiatry, Director, Duke Center for Science Education & RISE & undergraduate studies in Pharmacology

Ron Donagi - University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Mathematics (Mathematical Physics: Algebraic Geometry and String Theory) Department of Mathematics

Samuel K. Sia - Columbia University

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, 2010 NASA Launch Innovator

Sanjeevi Krishnan's profile picture

Sanjeevi Krishnan - University of Pennsylvania

Postdoctoral Researcher in Mathematics Department

Scott J. Miller - Yale University

Irenee du Pont Professor and Chair of Chemistry

Seth Bordenstein - Vanderbilt University

Assistant Professor in the Departments of Biological Sciences

Sheila M.W. Reddy - The Nature Conservancy

Senior Scientist; Sustainability central science division

Sheldon Goldstein - Rutgers University

Professor of Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy

Shiva Abbaszadeh - Stanford University

Postdoctoral Scholar in Radiology

Song Li - University of California, Berkeley

Professor, Department of Bioengineering

Stephanie Richman - Westminster College in Pennsylvania

Social Psychologist, Visiting Professor

Steven J. Sibener - The University of Chicago

Carl William Eisendrath Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Chemistry and The James Franck Institute; Director, IME Water Research Initiative

Steven Mednick - University of Southern California

Assistant Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship at USC Marshall School of Business.

Sunil Gupta - Harvard Business School

Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration, Chair, General Management Program

Tamar Schlick - New York University

Professor of Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Chemistry

Tanzeem Choudhury - Cornell University

Associate Professor in Information Science, Pop Tech Science and Public Leadership Fellow

Terry McCarthy - New York University

Adjunct Professor, Co-Founding and Principal at HubHuman, a Social Media Marketing Technology Software as a Solution [SaaS] Platform for Enterprises and individual Consumers

Thomas H. Cormen - Dartmouth College

Professor of Computer Science; Chair of Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences

Upmanu Lall - Columbia University

Alan and Carol Silberstein Professor of Earth and Environmental Engineering and of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Vikram Kapila - New York University

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Wallace Marshall - University of California, San Francisco

Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Yannis Yortsos - University of Southern California

DEAN, Viterbi School of Engineering

Yimon Aye - Cornell University

Principal Investigator at Aye Lab, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Zygmunt Haas - Cornell University

Professor of School of Electrical Engineering, Dir. of Wireless Networks Laboratory

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