The AAT Project Parental Information

What if my teen wants to participate?

If your teen is under 18, he/she must have permission from a parent or a legal guardian in order to enter The AAT Project.

You will need to read the Parental/Legal Guardian Consent form on your teen's registration page. If you agree, place your initials on the registration page. Your teen then will be qualified to submit his/her project into the platform.

If your teen is the leader of a team, he/she will be responsible for providing all the member(s) of the team, and the parent(s) the terms and conditions of the Parental/Legal Guardian Consent form. You and your teen will be confirming that all the member(s) of the team and the parent(s) have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of this consent form.

When your teen is registering, he/she must enter your contact information. We might contact you to confirm that you have agreed and consented to your teen's participation in the platform. Without confirmation, your teen's project could be DISQUALIFIED.

How to Support My Teen's Project

There are many ways to help your teen. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure your teen has read and understands the platform rules and all the information in the Applicants section before they start the registration process.
  • Have your teen discuss their project with you.
  • Help your teen with their video.
  • Support and encourage your teen throughout the process.
  • Make sure you have signed the Parental/Legal Guardian Consent form when your teen is registering their project.
  • Be sure they have completed the registration process.

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