How itworks

STEP 1 - Upload your project

Brilliant minds (ages 15-30) across the globe must upload a short video, no more than 2 minutes, that explains in detail their groundbreaking project, research, invention or technological breakthrough. They should supplement their submission with documents, slides, etc., no more than 20 pages in total. Don't include your personal contact information inside your video or any document. Also make sure you have your Parental Consent ready, read details here.

STEP 2 - Vetting process

Graduate students from the Vetting Division will research the projects and determine which projects are approved and will go on to the next step.

STEP 3 - Mentor and Management

Once your project has been approved by the Vetting Division, you will be invited to join “The AAT Project Management Company” and will qualify to apply to our Grant Program.

STEP 4 - Before you are placed on to the public platform site

We will apply for a provisional patent on your behalf for all projects approved by the Vetting Division. This will ensure the protection of your project.

STEP 5 - Good Luck and Enjoy the Journey!

Key Days and events

Stay updated through the What's Up page on The AAT Project website.

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