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The AAT Project

The AAT Project is an online platform for Millennials and Post-Millennials with groundbreaking ideas in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Arts.

A collaboration of the worlds of academia, science, finance, business and media, The AAT Project supports exceptional young scientists, researchers, developers and inventors by providing a platform for them to share their ideas with the world. Our mission is to promote technological and scientific innovation, and change the way science and math are perceived in our culture by setting a new standard for role models.

We mentor and manage brilliant Millennials and Post-Millennials whose ideas will change the world. Those who make it through the vetting process will get an unprecedented level of support, guidance, and mentorship. All of the chosen participants will receive representation/management. This manager will be with them every step of the way to help their vision become a reality. Chosen participants will also be connected with one or more mentors. The AAT Project network of mentors includes top educators, scientists, and industry leaders across a broad range of fields.

We provide young innovators with an incomparable opportunity to be heard and make a difference. Our goal is Discovering Brilliance!

Our Team

Meet the people who made this all possible.

Management Team

Nan Fisher
Founder and Managing Partner, Entrepreneur, veteran Television Producer and Talent Manager. Early on, Nan raised millions of dollars for charity, with an emphasis on helping kids. Currently, her passion is to promote technological and scientific innovation, changing the cultural aspect of what science and math look like, by setting a higher standard in today's youth.
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Gary Randall
Gary A Randall is a veteran producer and studio executive. He worked in current programing and development for Warner Brothers Television and then went on to two President posts, first at Orion Television, and eventually making his way to Spelling Television where he developed and supervised hit series such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. Mr. Randall now works as an independent producer.
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Larry Martin
Larry currently serves on the Board of Directors at Eveia Medical Field and Stream. Recently, Cupcake Digital reeled him in to serve on our advisory board.
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Peter Bordes
As a long-time CEO and one of the top 100 most influential angel investors in social media in the US, He can empathize with the challenges executives and start-ups face today: the ever-changing landscape of social media, disruptive innovation, and new technology.
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Desmond Choi
Desmond is the Founder/CEO of SparkGig, a social venture that dedicated to transforming arts & entertainment into a vehicle for social change. He is also the founder of United International Entrepreneurs Group, a non-profit organization aimed to raise awareness about the social impact of everyday business decisions in Zimbabwe, Canada, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.
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Nina Neuwirth
Nina is the President and CEO of Neuwirth Consulting Group, LLC. A successful 20+ year veteran in the Human Capital Management & Outsourced Solutions space. She has worked and supported various verticals such as Legal, IT, Healthcare, Banking & Telecommunications, and has also held positions in highly recognized workforce management organizations, the Olsten Corporation and IMI Systems.
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Vamsi Sistla
Technologist and Mentor. An innovative technologist with over 15 years of experience in the Television and Media & Entertainment industry, Vamsi built various enterprise quality software and technology platforms.
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Gareth Jones
Gareth is the Founder of the Eduzine Global Group, having over 25 years' experience mentoring, promoting, supporting and showcasing young achievers, principally those with leadership, entrepreneurial or creative talents.
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Anna Luoyan Tang - Director of Marketing
Anna graduated from New York University with a Master's Degree in Marketing. She was the Chief Marketing Officer of Shangdong Xiangsheng Plastic Industry Co. She also served as a digital marketing consultant for several startups in Shanghai, China.

Support Staff

We have a team of young people from all over the world working diligently towards our mission of Discovering Brilliance™! Their areas of expertise include engineering, computer science, mathematics, journalism, graphic design, digital media, production, business, finance, marketing and public relations.

Advisor Network

Our advisors consist of educators, scholars, industry leaders and innovators from some of the top universities and corporations in America. They provide a strong support network for the participants in the platform.

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